Obama vs Trump policy in global scenario

US foriegn policy are mainly driven by securing its global supermacy, preserving hegemony in Eurasia and preserving security, democracy and proseperity globally. the similarities between obama policy and trump recalibration are 1. Both Obama and Trump have realised the economic and geopolitical significance of Asia pacific and has work on deepening ties [...]

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Russia a threat to global peace ?

Russia is viewed as a threat especially by the USA and other western powers because of traditional hostilities starting from October Revolution (1917), WWII and Cold War and [...]

Changed scenario of Afghan policy post TRUMP Presidency !

United States invaded Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks to remove the Taliban from power. US under Obama presidency has kept the Pakistan as pivot for solving the [...]

RBI Autonomy in peril ? Current Affairs

RBI is the highest regulator in the field of monitory policy and it's independence and autonomy is guided by RBI Act 1934. Issue: Recent move of demonetization and [...]

Violence against Women and its economic impact

Female Office Worker Using a Laptop
Viiolence against women is taken as right by few in patriarchal society and is prevalent in all castes, classes, religion and communities, in both cities and villages, in one [...]

Post economic crisis Employment scenario

2008 crisis led to deflation and loss of employment in many countries all over the world ,however over last few years IMF has shown positive growth in World economy which do [...]

Syria – Role of India !

Relationship between India and Syria have been cordial since past. Both nations are members of NAM .India supported Syria’s legitimate right to regain the occupied Golan [...]

Deprivation point system

" Deprivation point system"- which has been adopted by the JNU in its admission policy is the system where the points have been allotted to an individual on certain parameters [...]

New World order ,will china rise economically and replace US ?

Recently there has been political shift in America with the comping of Donald Trump to power, his policies and vision is supposed to be radically different from earlier [...]

Drought like situation in Southern states

The failure of north east monsoons recently have resulted in drought like situations in southern states but it has been aggravated by ineffective water use and misuse of water [...]

The Global Scenario and India

As the new year unfolds, it is expected that 2017 will be a year of many uncertainties and the prevailing global strategic framework is likely to be rearranged in an [...]