Increase in private Cabs in metropolitan cities

With development of a city transportation is one of the major concern these days to enable people to commute.But with the growth of cities this has not matched upto the pace required and helped private cabs like OLA ,UBER to popularise.


Factors contributed to their growth:
1) Fixed service hours of Public Transport.
2) Stray Incidents like theft,snatching.
3)Lack of connectivity to all regions.
4) Lack of proper seating arrangements.

But recent incidents have proved public transport to be reliable when considered for safety.

1) Sense of crowd present helps to prevent the cases related to exploitation,molestation(sometimes) reported in cab services.
2) Being under the vigil of security forces deployed ensures safe travel experience for commuters (Delhi Metro).
3) Sense of safety helps them to make travel comfortable irrespective of the tiem of the day.
4) They are also economical.

5)Access to remote areas.

Ill transport services defer people from them and make them to use personal vehicles,which leads to environmental,traffic concerns.

Experiments Like BRTS (Ahmedabad, Indore), Metro (Delhi) has proved public transport to be the preferred choice when concerns of people has been appropriately addressed.

Public Transport can surely be engine of growth of indian cities when properly appropriated and surely can boost economic figures considerably.

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