Obama vs Trump policy in global scenario

US foriegn policy are mainly driven by securing its global supermacy, preserving hegemony in Eurasia and preserving security, democracy and proseperity globally.
the similarities between obama policy and trump recalibration are
1. Both Obama and Trump have realised the economic and geopolitical significance of Asia pacific and has work on deepening ties with the asean countries. the condemnation of china’s hegemony in south china sea, stationing of US ambassdor to Asean in jkarta, triple alliance with japan and south korea are some examples.
2.The policy of US is further directed toward countering rising energies of china so as to suppress any challenge to its supermacy.like obama, trump doctrine also focuses engaging with asian countries specifically india and asean countries to retard china’s power. asia pivot, tpp by obama and question on one nation policy and countervailing imports by trump are steps seems to be in similiar direction.
3.Policies of both are charactersied by maintaing hegemony over Eurasia by condemening russia for annexation of Crimea, malaysian airline crash and breaching cyber space.
4. The obama engagement with turkey in syria to combat terrorism and trump’s notion of rising islamic terrorism in middle east have signalled toward that both support expanding NATO’s presence in middle east and increasing alliance with countries.
However , Trump policy characterized by populist chauvinism and protectionist is remarkably different from his predecessor
in following way.
1. Trump policy seems to be deviated from the liberal global order and globalisation.ex- US exit from tpp.
2. The climate change policy by obama which is also one pf negotiation ground with china has been completely Condemen by trump during his election campaigns.
3. Trump is also oppose of Iran us nuclear deal.
4. While obama has taken Russia with stiff resistance, trump want to engage with russia.
the foriegn policy of any country have always driven by its self interest. though the intention of both the leaders are to secure US supermacy there is a mark distinction between the path taken by both. india being a natural ally of US may not be able to left untouched with rising tides. More tactfull and diplomatic engagement to secure own’s interest by india should be carried out.

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